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Sześcienna puzzle "in the mouth of me puzzle"

Dane techniczne materiał (uniwersalny) plastik wiek dziecka (słownictwo wartości) 5 lat Rodzaj zagadki logiczne Kostka Rubika

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  • Materiał (Uniwersalny): Plastik
  • Widok puzzle: Logiczne Kostka Rubika
  • marka: NIE
  • Wiek dziecka (słownictwo wartości): 5 lat
  • Pochodzenie: CN(pochodzenie)

Two feelings. In general, a good cube for your money. And it looks great. It is clear that it is more souvenir, so it turns quite medium, but when lubricating, it seemed to me, it became noticeably better. In general, I recommend the product. But the spoon of the degth added delivery. Like Tmall, sent from Russia, but guys, 2 weeks, while there was plus-delivery. It is clear that not a month, but I have a cube ordered from a Chinese seller a few days after your, came by regular delivery to the post office one day with yours. Yes and sent you for a long time. I will not reduce the evaluation, but I would like the seller to think more carefully about its logistics.

  • 5 / 5
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