4 szt. wysokiej jakości super miękka kropla typu gąbka podkład elegancki makijaż gąbka do Lady makijaż kosmetyczny warstwy makijażu zestaw

zł39.03 zł39.03 Bezpłatny Zwrot

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  • Materiał: Kosmetyki Puff
  • Typ Towaru: Kosmetyki Puff
  • Rozmiar: pull size
  • Numer Modelu: 4
  • Ilość: 4szt

The seller who drives people's ears, trade This is clearly not his business, so nazally refers to the buyer this is terrible. The sponge goes 90 days, then Beijing in 90 days did not leave. The seller lied for 90 days that he contacted the Mail and disappeared. As a result, he took and confirmed that the order was made by a genius. I wish this seller 0 customers, with this attitude at all without earnings you will remain.

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Very good quality

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